Leave to baseball to give the staff at LJA and its subsidiary WAI office a reason to meet!  

In the name of employee Fun & Adventure, LJA loaded up a charter bus and headed to the Twin Cities to watch the Fargo/Moorhead Redhawks play the Saint Paul Saints.   Despite the rain in the early evening that dropped temperatures into the 50s, the game went on without a hitch and a great evening of fun was had.  (Though, none of us will forget the amazing off key singing going on during the 7th inning stretch!)

P.S.  Shout out to the Fargo/Moorhead Redhawks, who won 6-2!

LJA Architecture Deptartment Head Todd Jelinski and WAI Project Manager Greg Kinney.

LJA Structural Drafter Jess Jacobsen, LJA Architectural Drafter Peggy Hall with WAI Project Architect Jude Hallamek.

Despite the ominous looking sky, by this time the rain stopped and it became much more enjoyable!

LJA Structural Engineer Deb Palmer, LJA Architect Holli Hasbargen, LJA President Troy Tooz, WAI Founder Dave Wolterstorff, LJA Mechanical Engineer Brander Halver.

WAI Construction Supervisor Jake Jacobsen and WAI Architectural Drafter Brian Shutter.

WAI Vice President Scott Koester, LJA President Troy Tooz, LJA Mechanical Engineer Brander Halver and WAI Administrative Director Michael Paulson.

LJA Executive Administrative Assistant Collette Jerstad and Administrative Assistant Sande Kochis.

WAI Marketing Coordinator Christine Zrust with WAI Administrative Director Michael Paulson.   (Yeah... bad picture of me, but I guess if you are going to insist everyone let you take pictures, you have to be willing to share a few bad selfies!)

The best part of employee outings?  You get to hear about all the crazy things the bosses did when they were kids!  (Everyone needs a little blackmail!)