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The office was tense this morning as the 2018 LJA Chili COOK-OFF was once again upon us.  This event, which usually kicks off Super Bowl Week, was all about bragging rights until this year.  A gift card, one that could bring the winner to a variety of dining establishments, was at stake if you could claim the best Chili at LJA.  As the clock struck noon employees rushed down to the Team Building Room to sample the 4 concoctions.  One by one the votes came in as many looked on in wonder who would claim the crown.  You could say some of the contestants looked overconfident while others seemed worried as the crock pots were emptied.  So who won the Quest to Be the Best you might ask?  Well, that title goes to Nate Anderson who is a Professional Land Surveyor but also a Professional Chili Maker as he reclaimed his title.  Congratulations Nate and enjoy that gift card!